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Protecting The Environment

In addition to excellent prices and service, Waukesha Iron and Metal is dedicated to protecting the environment through the proper processing and recycling of all material we receive

At Waukesha Iron and Metal Every Step we take is dedicated to protecting our customers, as well as the environment. Our customers can rest assured that we always invest the extra time when it comes to environmental compliance.

How We Recycle Responsibly:

Our entire facility has been paved with concrete to help protect against storm water run off and soil contamination. But, unlike many others, our efforts do not stop there. At Waukesha Iron and Metal, we are constantly updating our operation as a part of our conscious commitment to preserving the environment.

Our recent improvements include the installation of radiation detectors, to alert us to potentially hazardous material before it enters the facility, and a state of the art fluids collections system.

Our fluids collection system allow us to collect any oils, storm water, or cutting fluids which may be co-mingled with our customers’ production scrap material.

The fluid collection basin covers an area of almost 4,000 square feet and is constructed of concrete, protective liners and steel rebars.

Once fluids are dumped into the system, they are then collected and pumped into a storage tank. As the storage tank fills, the fluids are pumped out and treated by certified waste processor for eventual re-use as burning fuel.

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